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Costa Rican President tests positive for AH1N1

The President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves Robles, informed that he tested positive for the AH1N1 influenza virus, which is why he will not participate in public activities in the next few days.

“Yesterday’s tests: influenza AH1N1. I am contagious. Therefore, I have to telework until the doctor says so. I have to reschedule tomorrow’s appointments, including with Rodrigo Arias. Thanks to those who have wished me well, hugs, ” wrote President Chaves on his account on Twitter this Sunday, July 31.

Chaves also included in the tweet an image of the lab results. The President was tested for several viruses, including COVID-19, with a negative result.

Last week, Rodrigo Chaves reported that he had a virus that caused stomach and respiratory discomfort.

“I have a virus (it is not COVID) that is affecting my respiratory and digestive systems. The doctor ordered me to stay home to recover and not infect anyone. God willing, I will be back in the office on Monday,” posted Chaves.

On Wednesday, Chaves canceled the usual press conference. He was set to have lunch with the Women’s National Soccer Team and several business meetings, which he had to reschedule.

Fortunately, Rodrigo Chaves is stable, recovering, and has not required transfer to a medical center.

Despite the medical condition, the Costa Rican president remains in good spirits and is working remotely until he is cleared.

The President said he deeply appreciates all the messages he has received from Costa Ricans. On social media, Ticos have left many messages wishing the president a speedy recovery.

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