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8 Former Costa Rica Presidents oppose Nicaragua Nomination

8 former Costa Rica Presidents oppose Nicaragua nomination to be the head of the Central America Integration Organization.

The former Costa Rica Presidents have sent a letter to the current President Rodrigo Chaves articulating their opposition to both Nicaragua’s candidacy and specifically to the candidate being proposed.

They point to Nicaragua’s repression of internal dissent by means of violence, jailing of opposition figures, the closing of independent news outlets and the expulsion of hundreds of international nongovernmental organizations.

They also noted that the candidate named by Nicaragua was also directly involved in that country’s invasion of Costa Rican territory, specifically Isla Calero in the country’s northeast back in 2010.   

Finally they also mentioned that the Nicaraguan candidate has also been a member of Ortega’s hand picked cabinet and has been part of implementing his aggressive crackdowns on any dissenting voices within the country.

Without Costa Rica’s support the candidacy of Nicaragua to head the organization with not be approved. President Rodrigo Chaves has indicated he may support Nicaragua’s bid to chair the international organization.

President Chaves has also attempted to develop an improved diplomatic relationship with Nicaragua. Many politicians in Costa Rica are skeptical that closer diplomatic relations with Nicaragua are possible or  wouldresult in any change in Ortega’s governmental policies or its posture with neighboring countries.

They point to the Ortega regime’s recent announcement of its invitation for Russian military vessels, aircraft and troops to maintain a presence in Nicaragua. Many in Costa Rica have expressed concern about why Nicaragua feels that this further militarization of Nicaragua is necessary.

President Chaves has also expressed concern about Nicaragua’s decision to invite in Russian forces but is still trying to maintain his diplomatic efforts with Costa Rica’s northern neighbor.

It is unclear if the overtures of the former Costa Rica Presidents will have any effect on President Chaves’s support for Nicaragua or its candidate. His government has yet to make a formal statement in response to their letter.

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