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Bahía Salinas: The Perfect Costa Rica destination for Kitesurfing

Bahia Salinas is a stunning hidden gem located on the northwest of Guanacaste, very close to Nicaragua. It’s, actually, the natural border dividing the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan territories. It is characterized by its pristine beaches, spectacular views and strong winds. The bay area is also known for its beautiful turquoise waters and marine ecosystem.

As a vacation destination, Bahia Salinas has something to offer for everyone: if the goal is to relax, its untouched beaches and beautiful scenery are the perfect recipe; if the objective is to explore the wilderness, its wildlife refuges and small islands are just right; or if the purpose is to experience the adrenaline from kitesurfing, it is the place.

Specifically, Copal Beach is the capital of kitesurfing in the country. For almost 200 days, from March to November, it offers the best wind conditions. This makes it the absolute ideal location for anyone looking to practice this extreme sport.

Experienced kite surfers tend to particularly enjoy this beach. Nevertheless, beginners or anyone looking to improve their skills, can book classes, as they are widely available. It is recommended to spend a few days in the area, given that kitesurfing is not a sport meant to be learned quickly. Before even thinking about going into the water, quite a few lessons have to be received on firm ground.

Though most beaches remain in their natural state, there are resorts in the area that offer all the luxuries and comfort for a very pleasant vacation. There are several hotels that offer premium suites, great pool areas, spa treatments, among other amenities.

During the year, several camps and events are planned for both tourists and locals. Efforts are being made by business owners, who are trying to promote Bahia Salinas as the ideal destination for the extreme sports lovers.

This past weekend, a kitesurfing event was organized along with several hotels. It featured some of the world’s best kite surfers, in a one of a kind event in Bahia Salinas.

Nicola Bertoldi, hotel owner, mentioned that “companies and community organizations joined forces to organize a professional exhibition at the highest level in order to position our country, and especially Bahía Salinas, as a unique kitesurfing destination.”

There is no place like Bahia Salinas to vacation or kitesurf: deserted beaches, sunshine, surrounded by nature, great ocean currents and perfect windy conditions, exquisite views and the kindness of locals, eager to show everyone a splendid time.

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