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A Happiness Summit hosted through the University for Peace in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world according to the United Nations World Happiness Report.

With its spectacular biodiversity, it’s prioritization of education and healthcare over armed forces (which were abolished in 1948), and its investment in eco-friendly programs, perhaps this isn’t surprising. Happiness research shows that it goes far beyond an emotion. To have true well-being you need a sense of purpose, solid relationships, and a host of other factors that a stable country with clear and inspiring goals enables.

In another nod to happiness, Costa Rica is also home to a treasured gem, the University for Peace, established by the United Nations General Assembly. It was created in 1980 as a much-needed response to a conflict-ridden world. This unique university not only receives 150+ students each year as they pursue MA degrees related to peace and conflict studies, but also proudly hosts the Gross Global Happiness Summit every March.

The 2022 Summit will take place from March 4th-6th and is intended to put a spotlight on happiness – the science of it, the pursuit of it and overcoming roadblocks to it. How can we have more of it in our own lives and how can we ensure its presence within our social circles, within our organizations and within our communities?

The event brings together a global, high-powered group of NGO leaders, humanitarians, coaches, business consultants, and just about anyone else who believes that well-being should be at the heart of all that we do. You’ll delve into both the latest theory and research from the field of positive psychology, and practical tips and frameworks that you can start using right away.

In 3 jam-packed days full of workshops and interactive sessions, expert speakers will explore the roles of relationships, corporate well-being, stress management, mindfulness and neuroscience in creating a life of greater optimism, purpose and joy.

How to get involved, you ask?

The Gross Global Happiness Summit will be held both onsite at the University for Peace’s campus in Costa Rica and online. To learn more and register, simply click here or scan the QR code.

You won’t want to miss out on this Happiness Summit, hosted in one of the happiest countries on the world no less!

If you’d like to connect with our team directly, simply schedule a call with us here. We’re more than happy to help.

This story was sponsored by UPEACE Centre for Executive Education 

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