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Costa Rica’s La Cangreja National Park Reopens

La Cangreja National Park reopened to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. under strict sanitary measures, after almost 22 months of being closed due to the pandemic, according to the authorities of the System of Conservation Areas (SINAC)

This park, located 35 km south of Santiago de Puriscal on route 239, was closed as a result of the pandemic on March 18, 2020, as were the rest of the protected areas, which have been gradually reopening in recent months. In the case of La Cangreja, the reopening had to wait for the completion of the fiber optic installation work, in order to have internet access and to receive entrance fee payments by credit card.

At the moment, only the trail from Rio Negro to Quebrada Cangreja is available, with a total distance of 5.2 kms round trip, where you can see lush vegetation, a diversity of birds and even swim in the river.

This protected area has an area of 2,570 hectares, home to 44 species of endemic plants of Costa Rica, highlighting the Ayenia mastatalensis (Sterculiaceae) and Plinia puriscalensis (Myrtaceae) and about 300 species of birds, such as macaws, trogons, toucans, guatusas, pizotes, tepezcuintles, saínos, deer, pumas, manigordos, black green poison dart frogs, among others.

La Cangreja protects abundant and crystalline water sources such as the Rio Negro and the Quebrada Grande, which, among rock formations carved by nature, allow visitors to enjoy and relax while bathing or simply enjoy looking at them.

The highest point in La Cangreja National Park is at 1305 meters (4281 feet) where you will have great view and fantastic photo opportunities. The name of La Cangreja corresponds to the fact that, according to an indigenous legend, this place resembles a crab and the hills on its sides its pincers.

The entrance fee is ¢1,500 for nationals and $15 for foreigners. Tickets can only be purchased at the park with a credit card.

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