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Top-Rated Pay Per Head Sites Flourish With Online Gambling Growth

The coronavirus pandemic had a major impact on the casino and sports betting industry for most of last year. Land-based casinos and retail sportsbooks lost a large chunk of business through business shutdowns followed by capacity restrictions that lingered into this year.

The lone bright side to the situation was the explosion in growth of online casino and sportsbook sites. This also proved to be a major financial boon to independent bookmakers working closely with a top-rated pay per head bookie services site.

Referred to as the pay per head industry, bookie services sites provide everything needed to fully automate an independent bookmaking business while also running and managing it online. They only charge a weekly fee for active betting customers.

Ties Between Pay Per Head Services & Offshore Sportsbooks

The first pay per head sites started offering proprietary software solutions to local bookies around the same time the first commercial offshore sportsbooks expanded their reach through online betting platforms that could cater to the US market.

While similar in nature, pay per head sites gave private bookies the ability to level the playing field against the big commercial books. The primary reason why the private bookie industry continues to thrive today with the help of PPH services is the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that they can provide and the big commercial sportsbooks can never match.

To this day, Costa Rica remains the center of the universe for pay per head bookie services. Top-rated sites such as Real Bookies, PayPerHead247 and A1 Price Per Head are all based in this country.

The ownership group behind these top-rated sites have strong ties to Costa Rica and the country’s favorable business climate. This high level of stability has created the proper environment for the entire pay per head industry to thrive given the rapid shift towards online gambling in general.

Bookies Can Establish Full-Service Online Gambling Sites With Pay Per Head

In the same vein as offshore sportsbooks operating an online betting platform, PPH services give private bookies the necessary software solutions to turn a sports betting business into an online gambling site covering multiple verticals.

■ Sports Betting

Sports betting still generates the bulk of the revenue earned by private bookies. Football and basketball remain the biggest draws, especially when it comes to the NFL and NBA as major professional sports leagues.

However, a pay per head site gives bookies the chance to fully build-out a betting board with access to numerous sports and sporting events. Most of the top per head sites employ in-house sports betting experts while also working with the best external line setting services to generate a wide variety of betting options on a daily basis.

Along with fast and easy access to a wide array of betting lines and odds, private bookies also have access to the proper software tools to manage that betting board. This takes all the guess work out of moving lines, making changes to the board and adjusting betting and credit limits.

■ Racebook for Horse Betting

The popularity of horse racing received a huge boost last year as one of the only live sporting events to bet on. Pay per head racebook solutions for horse betting offer easy access to any race track running a live daily card.

Considering that there are more than 70 race tracks in North America alone, this added stream of revenue can boost both cash flow and net profit on a year-round basis. This can really pay some big dividends when major betting events such as the Triple Crown racing series and the Breeders’ Cup are on the board.

■ Online Casino

Today’s highly sophisticated casino software solutions give bookies the chance to offer Las Vegas-style slots and table games as part of an online gaming menu. This includes access to live-dealer table games such as Blackjack and Roulette.

Online casino games create another viable revenue stream that can help supplement income during any lulls in the sports betting calendar. The quality of today’s online casino game actually bring the gap between land-based venues and a bookie’s online casino site.

■ Online Poker Room

More and more pay per head sites are including online poker room software solutions as part of their weekly bookie services plan. Online poker continues to grow in popularity with a daily schedule of live tournament action.

Texas Hold’em remains the biggest draw. However, poker variants such as Omaha and Seven-Card Stud are also very popular among avid online poker players.

The Pay Per Head Edge

Private bookies who are serious about building and growing a highly lucrative online gambling business fully understand the benefit of working with a quality pay per head bookie services provider.

It still takes hard work and dedication to make a solid living as a private bookie. However, there has never been a better time to get started with the help of a quality pay per head site to reach and hopefully exceed any financial goals that have been set.

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