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International real estate to be negotiated in token soon?

REAL (Real Estate Asset Ledger) is a new Ethereum Smart-Contracts governed ecosystem that Applies Blockchain technologies to the enormous Real estate investment industry, giving greater Access to global investment in real estate, lower barriers to entry, and increasing market liquidity.

It will offer an effective method of investing and securing the value of the existing +100 Billion USD real estate market by creating rental.

Key ideas:

-The development of a diversified portfolio of top quality residential and commercial properties which create high value for both income and capital gains.

-The identification of lucrative investment opportunities in the real estate market to generate higher returns.

-An investment analysis aimed at generating higher value through focusing on quality assets in prime locations with the potential to generate steady and sustainable cash flows.

Income and value appreciation.

REAL Founders have invested USD 350,000 in the company, have a strong successful execution track-record and reputation, have founded and exited high profile online startups over the last 20 years and have executive positions at Google, Yahoo and Venture Capital firms in Europe.

In November this year, a full-fledged site will be launched leveraging the Crowdfunding formula, where any user will be able to invest in a fraction of a Real Estate asset with REAL Tokens, gaining profit rights (rental income + value appreciation) awarded by a smart contract and paid with Ether.

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