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Caja eliminates health care card requirement starting September 1st

The Caja (CCSS) announces that starting September 1st, it will not be necessary to show the health care card to receive medical attention at any of the Caja’s services.
Now medical attention will be given by just showing the cédula (for nationals) or the DIMEX card or passport for foreigners.
It is not clear yet what effect this decision will have on renewing residency for expats. Until now, it was necessary to show a valid health care card to be able to renew the DIMEX.
CCSS management indicated that the measure is taken with the purpose of offering a more timely attention and of better quality.
Medical manager Villalta noted that this progress was achieved thanks to the implementation and improvement of the technological tools available through the Integrated System of Agendas and Appointments and the System of Validation of Rights Online.
Controls will still be in place, they are just being simplified, made possible thanks to modern technological applications supported by a digital file, which is in a mature phase of its implementation.
Caja management does recommend the insured to update their data, which can be done in the nearest Ebais.
Among the information required by the institution are email, telephone, residence address, marital status and an additional contact in case of being required by any special situation.

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