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Caja to stop printing social security slips starting next year

The Social Security System, or Caja, will stop printing its ubiquitous monthly insurance slips starting Jan. 1. The print document, or orden patronal, will no longer be a requirement for people requesting services at public hospitals or at any other public office.

Insurance holders who attend hospitals will only need to present their personal identification and their Caja card. All other insurance information will be available online on the Caja website.

The online platform already allows people to register to get a username, a password and a security code that will grant access to their insurance status, current and former employer’s information, salary records, and updated records about their pensions.

The security code consists of the letters “OP” plus four digits. The code is valid for up to two years, but people can generate a new one as needed on the website.

Caja Executive President María del Rocío Sáenz said the change is key for eliminating costly red tape both in public agencies and private sector companies.

Sáenz said the new system will save the ₡200 million (some $356,000) the Caja invests each year in printing nearly 14 million insurance slips.

Verification process

Rónald Lacayo Monge, the Caja’s administrative manager, said at a press conference on Tuesday that public offices or private companies seeking to confirm people’s security status can also register on the new system. Registration will allow agencies or companies to verify a person’s basic information and insurance status using the person’s security code.

The system also allows users, companies or public agencies to download, if required, a social security slip in PDF format.

Foreign residents

Foreign workers and residents holding a Caja insurance policy also can use the new online system. However, they must register and request their first security code in person at Caja headquarters in downtown San José or at the agency’s branches in other provinces.

They will be asked to present their current Caja insurance number and the number of their Immigration Identification Card for Foreign Persons (DIMEX). Once registered, they will receive a username and password so they can access the online system.

Caja spokesman Diego Coto told The Tico Times that the Caja is currently working with the Immigration Administration to allow foreign residents the opportunity to register online in the near future.

L. Arias
L. Arias
Reporter | The Tico Times |

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