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The Tico Times is launching a new website Jan. 15. Here’s why.

To our readers:

2013 was quite a year for The Tico Times. When we started the newspaper more than 57 years ago, our goals were simple: provide a platform for students to learn journalism and serve the English-language community of Costa Rica. As we grew over the years, we became a real voice, an example of first-rate journalism and unquestionable ethics, and a great way to learn about what was going on, every Friday.

Times changed. Economic crises came and went. The World of the Press faced a technological revolution. And we had to change, too.

We stopped printing at the end of 2012, and to be blunt, we almost went under. We had three choices: 1) shut the publication, 2) attempt to stumble along, albeit only online, or 3) take the plunge and make the TT everything it can be, invigorating the substance that always made us what we are, but adding some panache and style with a classy new website to deliver that substance. We chose Option 3.

Please join us as we proudly deliver that site to you starting Jan. 15. This is a major step for us, and we think you’ll like it. With this new chapter, we are not merely trying to survive – it is much more than that. We consider it our mission, following our legacy, to bring you the best source of news in English available in Costa Rica and Central America.

To our readers and advertisers past and present, and to those who donated to our online fundraising drive that helped keep us alive: Thank you.

Here’s to a new year and a new look. Substance with style. Always the same, only better.

The Tico Times staff

P.S. To advertisers, be part of our exciting new website by requesting your sales package at Special promotional rates are being offered through Friday, Jan. 10. Sign up now!


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