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7 smartphone photography tips

The digital revolution has created tools that can help anyone take great photos, even with a mobile phone. Here are some tips for achieving great photos with your smartphone:

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1. Get close to your subject. Avoid the digital zoom, as the optical quality is horrible. As a last resort, shoot and then crop the image. 

2. Try different angles. If you have the chance to shoot the subject several times, vary the angle and composition. Shoot verticals, horizontals, crouch to get lower angles, climb on chairs or other objects to get higher angles.


3. Keep your lens clean. Your pocket and hands might get the lens grimy. Use soft cloth or a shirt should do the trick. 

4. Pick a better camera app than the one your phone provides. I like Camera Awesome, Camera+ and Snap Seed. They offer better options for more controlled shooting. Whichever is your pick, spend a little time getting used to it.

5. Edit your images carefully, don´t over filter them. Retro/washed out Instagramy filters are done by every other smartphone user. Balance color, crop slightly, used brightness/contrast control with moderation. A bad photo won’t improve much by over processing.

6. Be critical of your work. Choose your photos carefully. Don’t bore your Facebook friends to death with 100 photos of the same beach, no matter how gorgeous it was.

7. If your phone has panorama capabilities, try it out, not only horizontally but vertically, too.

Happy shooting and share your photos on our Facebook page!

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