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Internet speed to improve in schools

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), Education Ministry and Science and Technology Ministry signed an April 3 agreement to improve and expand Internet connections in all schools across the country.

The government promised to double Internet speed at 4,800 schools by providing broadband connections, which will help both teachers and students in grade schools and high schools.

The agreement was signed at the Monseñor Sanabria Technical High School in Desamparados, in southern San José, where Internet speed jumped from 20 Mbps to 60, thanks to the new program.

“This is an historical effort for our high school, as the development of broadband means progress and well-being in the hands and minds of our students,” principal Juan Felipe Chacón said.

“At ICE, we are complying with our duty to bring progress through telecommunications infrastructure, and we will continue those efforts to provide the tools for sustainable development,” ICE Executive President Teofilo de la Torre said.

ICE’s efforts have increased Internet access in schools from 26 percent to 95 percent in recent years, Education Leonardo Garnier noted.

“We are committed to reducing the digital gap for the future of education in Costa Rica,” Garnier said.

Broadband Internet access allows students to expand lab studies, access better and more complex information and utilize multimedia tools.

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