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The Angel Tree

This year marks the 19th anniversary of the partnership between the Salvation Army & The Tico Times to offer a wonderful opportunity to make a difference this Christmas for a needy child.

Select a name from the list on this page and purchase a gift for that boy or girl. Gifts are given directly to the children through the Salvation Army.

Imagine a child’s surprise when he or she discovers that wishes do come true – especially at Christmas!

How Do You Sponsor a Child?

1. Choose the name of your child from the list.

2. Call the Salvation Army Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and identify the child of your choice. If your child is already chosen, you can choose another child. Clothing and shoe sizes for each child are available.

3. Purchase your gift, wrap it, put the name and code of your child on it and bring it to The Tico Times office on Ave. 8, Calle 15, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

4. All gifts must be received by Dec. 10.

5. Readers outside Costa Rica may send checks (in U.S. dollars only, please) to The Tico Times – SJO 717, P.O. Box 025331, Miami, FL 33102-5331, payable to the Salvation Army. The money will be used to buy your chosen child’s present.

6. Sponsors may also deposit checks made out to the Asociación Ejército de Salvación in Banco Nacional accounts 170078-0 (colones) or 67804-5 (dollars).

Call 2221-8266 or 2223-7051

Name Sex Age
Aguilar Mendoza Natalia F 6
Arrollo Vargas Juan Alberto M 5
Arrollo Vindas Sebastián M 7
Arrieta Munguía Isabel F 3
Arrieta Méndez Andrea F 10
Batista Pérez Yesenia F 10
Batista Pérez Pamela F 5
Batista Pérez Sarai F 8
Briceño Mena María F 3
Cordero Fajardo Ashly F 3
Cordero Gómez Kisha F 4
Cordero Juárez Raquel F 7
Chacón Sequeira Dayana F 8
Elizondo Brenes Daniel M 6
Espinoza Luna Ana Lucía F 7
Espinoza Luna Alexander M 10
Espinoza Luna Antonie M 5
Espinoza Luna Mikol M 8
Espinoza Luna Joshua M 1
Espinoza Luna Natalia F 3
Fuentes Leal Marjorie F 9
Fuentes Leal Carlos Luis F 3
Fajardo Mena Nicole F 7
Fajardo Mena Kathrin F 5
Fajardo Acuña Khristel F 7
Fajardo Acuña Valery F 2
Fernandez Chacón Antonieta F 4
Fernandez Chacón Santiago M 6
Gómez Ruiz Brenda F 6
Gómez Ruiz Miriam F 1
Hernández Fallas Kristel F 1
Jiménez Ramírez Donován M 9
Juárez Duarte Melody F 8
Jurez Duarte Manuel M 2
Juarez Duarte Matias M 1
López Mata Mario M 7
López Rojas Eduardo M 7
Matarrita Flores Daniela F 3
Matarrita Flores Valeria F 4
Matarrita Serrato Catalina F 5
Montiel Hidalgo Brenda F 5
Montiel Hidalgo Gineth F 3
Montiel Vargas Eladio M 5
Matarrita Solís Britanie F 2
Murillo Inogosa Bismark M 5
Montoya Fonseca Jerlin F 5
Obando Cubero Tamara F 4
Obando Cubero Dayana F 7
Pérez Osejo Axel M 7
Pérez Osejo Janina F 5
Pérez Osejo Nancy F 10
Pérez Osorno Gabriel M 10
Pérez Osorno Justin M 7
Quirós Martí Fabiola F 8
Quirós Martí Adrián M 7
Quirós Martí Donovan M 4
Rosales Sojovia Jean Piere M 6
Ruiz Ulloa Angélica F 2
Sánchez Briceño Oscar M 4
Sánchez Briceño Julia F 8
Segura García Tamara F 9
Segura García Jefrey M 8
Segura García Manuel M 3
Segura Miranda Andrés M 2
Segura Miranda Jonathan M 8
Segura Miranda Julián M 6
Tamayo Suazo Miran F 4
Tamayo Suazo Brandon F 7
Tenorio Villa Aslhy F 6
Tenorio Villa Marcia F 8
Tenorio Villa Cecilia F 10
Tenorio Pérez Rafael M 6
Tenorio Pérez Josué M 8
Tenorio Pérez Eddy M 8
Torres Herrera Wendy F 7
Torres Herrera Alisson F 3
Torres Herrera Gabriela F 10
Tames Ulloa Nelssi F 7
Tames Ulloa Calef M 8
Tames Ulloa Valeri F 5
Trujillo Salas Valentina F 6
Trujillo Salas Jenni F 8
Valencia Cabrera kristhel F 10
Vallecillo Vargas Rolando M 3
Vallecillo Vargas Rodolfo M 8
Villegas Flores Mariam F 6
Villegas Fuentes Osvaldo M 7
Villegas Cordero Sarai F 6
Zúñiga Miranda Sofía F 5
Zúñiga Miranda Gabriel M 5
Zúñiga Suazo Sheila F 7
Zúñiga Suazo Alisson F 2
Zúñiga Suazo Madeline F 1
Zúñiga Tencio Estela F 6
Zúñiga Tencio Victoria F 5
Zúñiga Venegas Marjori F 10
Zúñiga Venegas Daniel Josué M 2
Zúñiga Vindas Ana Belén F 2
Zúñiga Vindas Abigail F 10
Zúñiga Zúñiga Pamela F 5

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