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Fuel truck drivers end strike pending gov’t negotiations

Reynaldo Quirós, president of the Truck Drivers’ Association, said Tuesday that the sector had reached an agreement with the government to end a strike that started on Monday.

Quirós told Telenoticias that National Liberation Party lawmaker Jorge Rojas had acted as an intermediary between government officials and truckers.

He also said that instructions were sent to all drivers to allow free access and fuel loading at three national refueling stations in the provinces of Cartago, Alajuela and Puntarenas.

Gas Station

RECOPE’s national refueling stations will work until 9 p.m. this Tuesday to grant access to fuel supplies.

Alberto Font

Environment Minister René Castro said at a press conference in Casa Presidencial that he had received word that the strike had ended, and is “looking forward to a [Tuesday afternoon] meeting with representatives of the truck drivers.”

However, Castro said the government would not authorize permits for some 100 trucks that do not meet minimum regulatory standards for fuel transportation.

“We can offer them alternatives … like financing solutions, and we also are willing to listen to their proposals. But there is no possibility that these vehicles will be allowed on our roads, endangering the lives of Costa Ricans,” the minister said.

The strike began Monday and was prompted by a government decision not to renew permits for some 100 older model fuel trucks. Gas station owners had warned that the strike could cause them to run out of fuel by the end of Tuesday.


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