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Fuel truck drivers on strike

The Costa Rican Association of Fuel Truck Drivers (ATRANSE) began a strike on Monday that could lead to a fuel shortage in the country.

The strike was prompted by a government decision not to renew permits for some 100 older model fuel trucks.

Reynaldo Quirós, president of ATRANSE, told local media that fuel loading had stopped Monday at all of the National Oil Refinery’s main facilities in Ochomogo, Cartago (east of San José), La Garita, Alajuela (north of San José), and Barranca, Puntarenas (west of the capital).

According to Quirós, drivers said they are willing to make the necessary changes to their vehicles to ensure continuity of service, but they resent a lack of support from the Environment Ministry. He said the strike would continue until officials addressed their complaints.

Quirós said the fuel transport industry is not profitable, preventing some truck owners from making upgrades.


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