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Judicial Investigation Police director to retire next month

Jorge Rojas announced Monday he would step down as director of the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) on July 1. The announcement was made during a meeting with Supreme Court judges.

Rojas has worked at the OIJ for 38 years, after beginning his career as an OIJ agent in 1974. As an investigator, he worked in the Robbery Division and Traffic Section and was head of Criminal Investigation Department. He also served as director of the OIJ branch in the province of Alajuela.

In 1997, Rojas was appointed vice-director of the OIJ, and later became director in November 2001. During Monday’s court session, judges thanked Rojas for “all the work that has allowed judicial police to accomplish great things.”

Rojas said he “hopes his replacement will not be named as a result of political decisions,” and that the person should remain free of influence by drug traffickers.


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