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Police confiscate more than 60,000 marijuana plants

Officers of the Drug Control Police, along with the Police Intervention Unit and the Air Surveillance Service of Buenos Aires, Puntarenas, in the Southern Zone, raided a mountainous area in Palmar Norte Feb. 10-19 in this year’s first major drug raid operation.

Cops seized 64,131 marijuana plants, the Judicial Investigation Police said in a statement.

To spot the pot plantations, the Air Surveillance Service conducted flights over the areas to direct police on the ground.

Officers found high-quality marijuana varieties, including “San Miguelito,” “Pambelé,” “High Red” and “Mango Rosa.”

Police also discovered two kilograms of marijuana seeds apparently distributed in bottles labeled “Jama and Ka,” and two labeled “Jay Rex.”

No suspects were arrested, and the case is under investigation.


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