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Rainy season almost over in Central Valley, Guanacaste

Ever wonder who’ll stop the rain?

John Fogerty and the rest of you – in the Central Valley at least – can rest easy because according to the National Meteorological Institute (IMN), the rainy season is starting to peter out.

“Now, across all of the Pacific slope and the Central Valley, we’re in a transition period,” said Juan Diego Naranjo, a meteorologist at IMN. “In these transition periods we’ll see rainy days alternating with days without rain.”

Naranjo said residents of the Central Valley and the northwestern province of Guanacaste can expect to see many more dry days starting between Nov. 24 and 29. For the Central Pacific and South Pacific regions the wait could be a little longer, until sometime between Dec. 2 and 15.

Meanwhile, Naranjo said, the Northern Zone and the Caribbean can look forward to “a considerable increase” in rains for the next three to four months. Some of those rains will occasionally reach out to splatter on the Central Valley, Naranjo said.

Naranjo said this year’s rainy season has been “very irregular” because September, generally a wet month, saw very little rain while rains in October were heavier than usual.


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