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North American murdered in downtown San José

A 36-year-old North American man was killed Thursday in front of the Caribeños bus station in downtown San José, according to a statement from the Judicial Investigation Police. A close friend of the victim  told The Tico Times via email that the victim’s full name is Victor Manuel Grisales, but did not provide any additional information.

Authorities responded to reports of a wounded man in the street near the bus station, which services the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, in the Tournon neighborhood of San José. They found a 36-year-old-man identified as having the last name Grisal. He had suffered gunshot wounds in various parts of his body.

Grisales’ body was transported to the Judicial Morgue for an autopsy.

This is a breaking news story. If you have any information on the case, email the reporter at


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