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The benefits of acting

By Koral Coopwood

What forms us to be who we are is a series of experiences we encounter all through our lives. But in fact, those moments are much more important than what we might think; that is why it’s crucial for young adults to have a productive and experienced-filled life.

One of those experiences that has shaped who I am is the theater and drama experience; it is truly one of a kind and I would not exchange it for anything. You meet countless different people daily, which improves your social life as well as mental state. But that is only one of its many virtues. The memories you get to keep are so grand and fulfilling that you will never regret the experience, no matter how many hours you dedicate to it or how miserable and exhausted you feel at the end of the day, because, come to think of it, play practice is not necessarily the easiest three hours ever.

In the most recent play by Beachnuts Theatre, “The Wizard of Oz,” performed in Tamarindo, I had the great honor to play Dorothy. It gave me a tremendous amount of responsibility, but also an amazing time. It’s like the saying goes: “With great power comes great responsibility.” That is exactly how it is in the acting world, since you have to keep up with the rest of the 49 people who are also participating, and memorize all of your lines. And that’s not even the half of it; you have to worry about the costumes, the sets, if anything will go wrong, what to do if you miss your cue, and much more.

But in the long run, it definitely pays off.  You can ask any actor if their debut was the most jaw-wrenching, nerve-pushing moment in their life – they’ll say yes. In the end, the most frightening moment is when you are all alone onstage, so vulnerable to people’s eyes and opinions, yet so strong because you unmask yourself with the character’s personality. And it’s not truly you who is saying your words, it’s the courage it takes and the verve you need to perform another person’s life in front of 225 people. The theater experience is one of the most incredible times you will have in your life; I can guarantee it.

Koral Coopwood is a Hungarian-American eighth-grader at La Paz Community School. She enjoys acting, singing, horseback riding and dancing.

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