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More than a dozen businesses closed in Health Ministry sweeps

The Health Ministry closed 14 stores due to lack of local permits or failures to conduct operations up to certain requirements last weekend, according to the daily La Nación. More businesses were closed Monday as health inspectors continued sweeps investigating businesses throughout the country.

One of those closures includes a second McDonald’s, in Desamparados, after the country’s oldest McDonald’s was closed last week. A Taco Bell located in Sabanilla was closed Monday. Five Chinese restaurants in the Central Market in downtown San José also were closed.

The closures took place at the end of last week. Each McDonald’s was closed after it was discovered employees were not trained with proper food-handling courses. Costa Rica’s oldest McDonald’s, built across the street from the Central Bank, was also cited for problems with wastewater. Both McDonald’s have since reopened.

The Taco Bell was closed, according to a statement made to Radio Reloj, due to a lack of updated operating permits. An official statement made to the radio station said all of the restaurant’s staff members have been properly trained in food handling. Any restaurant closed by the Health Ministry is required by law to not reopen for at least one week.

The Health Ministry carried out 140 random inspections in the capital last week. Those inspectors began Monday doing at least 200 more inspections, which will be conducted throughout the week. According to La Nación, each location will be investigated by an environmental health specialist and a doctor or nurse.


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