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After winning awards internationally, Tico film premieres in Costa Rica

Agua Fria de Mar (Cold sea water), a movie shot in Costa Rica premieres in its home country Friday. The debut here comes the movie won six international awards while touring the festival circuit.

Costa Rican film director and producer Paz Fábrega explained to The Tico Times what she went through before releasing her first feature film in her homeland. The journey was five years in the making. It took three years to write and cast, one year to film, a year to finish post production and Fábrega just finished a yearlong promotional tour at various international festivals. The film even won at the Paris L’Environment International Festival. But she’s ready for her fellow Ticos to catch the film now.

“I think it’s important for it to be seen here since it is a Costa Rican movie,” Fabregas said. “It may be difficult for the public here, but I feel that there are feelings that have much to do with living in Costa Rica, which will be significant.”

Agua Fria de Mar tells the story of a couple who goes on vacation to the southern coast of Costa Rica to sell family property. Upon arriving Mariana (Lil Quesada) and Rodrigo (Luis Carlos Bogantes) find a lost, little girl Karina (Montserrat Fernandez) and don’t know what to do. As they learn more about the girl’s past and family, a powerful drama begins to unfold.

All the stars are Ticos, and non-professional actors. The movie was also filmed in Costa Rica, while post-production was done in Europe. Fábrega admits she’s surprised by her success with the film.

“It baffles me very much which movies do well here and do not do well outside, and vice versa, that says something, why does this happen?,” Fábrega told The Tico Times. “I think it’s hard. People ask me why I sent out the movie first and then brought it here. The public here is important, but not it’s not only thing, I need to think of the movie theatres around the world.”

Agua Fria de Mar will premiere in San José on Friday at Variedades Theater, Nova Cinemas, Cinemark del Este and Arte Cine Lindora. Check showtimes on our Movies page at

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