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More accidents, construction on Caldera Highway

Two motorcyclists and two drivers were injured in a collision during the weekend on the Caldera Highway, which connects the Central Valley to the central Pacific. The collision occurred when several rocks fell onto the highway and the drivers swerved to avoid them. Since the highway was inaugurated in January 2009, several similar incidents have occurred involving falling rocks.

The accident Saturday morning occurred only two days after the Transportation Ministry (MOPT) issued a concession to Autopistas del Sol, the Spanish construction company that built the highway, to improve and repair the quality of the road prior to the upcoming Costa Rican rainy season, which begins in May. In the past year, the Caldera Highway has been closed on several occasions due to dangerous conditions.

On Sunday, crews continued to work on to improve the road, causing a 4-5 hour delay for passengers attempting to return to the Central Valley from the Pacific.


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