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Airport Tax Can Be Paid Online in December

Just in time for the holiday rush and the onset of the tourist season, Bancrédito (Banco Créditor Agrícola de Cartago) is unrolling a system in which travelers can pay their exit tax online.

The new system is intended to reduce wait time at the airport and allow travelers the flexibility of paying anywhere in the world. The Web site, which is expected to go live on Dec. 1, can be accessed at

“Bancrédito is working with the Finance Ministry in the modernization of tax collecting services, with the aim of eliminating lines [and] offering mechanisms of electronic payment that facilitate and expedite payment of the tax,” wrote Arnoldo Trejos Dobles, general manager of Bancrédito, in an e-mail to The Tico Times.

The airport exit tax, which is currently $26, can also be paid at select hotels such as the Intercontinental and Holiday Inn.


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