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Rains Take Out Electricity and Cell Phone Service in Many Areas

Incessant rains and numerous mudslides throughout the country have resulted in a loss of electricity and cellular phone coverage in several areas of the country.

On Thursday afternoon, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), reported that various hydroelectric plants had been affected by the powerful storms and that the communities of Quepos, Parrita, Pirris, Pejibaye, Pilar, Cajón, Rivas, Ventanas, el Jardín, Ojochal, Huacas, Linda Vista, Cortés, Gallardo, Lajas, Cañales and Salitrales would be without power until further notice as repairs are conducted on hydroelectric plants and power lines. ICE reports that 3,710 clients were without power Thursday.

ICE cell phone customers in Ciudad Cortés, Palmar, Parrita, Quepos, El Llano de Orotina, Los Santos and Escazú are also without coverage due the storms. As many as 20 radio towers are down throughout the country. ICE said that coverage will be restored as soon as the towers are repaired.    


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