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In Fact, Ostriches Could Never Play Fútbol

Dear Tico Times:

Dennis McCarthy’s feeble attempt at soccer-disparaging humor bombed (TT, Letters, June 25). First, he forgets that soccer is the most popular sport in the world – unlike the slow, mind-numbing girlygame of baseball, the monotonous, giant freak- dominated sport of basketball, and the incessant collisions between overstuffed sides of beef fighting for a pigskin that is American football.

Mr. McCarty also ignores that, aside from legs and feet, the head also plays an important part in moving the ball along, or in scoring goals, something that ostriches could never do considering that theirs is often stuck in the ground – unlike Mr. McCarthy’s head, which seems to be buried elsewhere.

¡Viva el fútbol!

W.E. Gutman

Los Angeles, California, USA


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