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Vista del Valle Unveils Health & Wellness Programs

Vista del Valle Plantation Inn has built a new spa and health center at its location in the coffee-growing hills of Alajuela, northwest of the capital. Guests, groups and daily visitors will be offered rejuvenating and revitalizing health treatments and activities with an Eastern influence.

In addition to its newly created health treatment center, ChiSpa, the resort has built a dojo for its new lineup of physical activities. The Japanese word dojo translates as “a place to practice the Way” and is being used by Vista del Valle Health Coordinator Kevin Reilly to describe the Eastern focus of the arts to be presented here, including yoga, tai chi, qigong, martial arts and meditation practices. Reilly also hopes to add other Asian arts, such as Japanese flower arranging (ikebana), calligraphy and tea ceremonies.

A 30-year student of the martial arts, Reilly will personally conduct classes in tai chi, karate and kenjutsu, the art of the Japanese sword.

“Visiting instructors of various arts have already agreed to come and share their particular practice, whether it be yoga, tai chi, qigong or other martial arts,” Reilly adds.

The new ChiSpa, though small, will offer a variety of health therapies to complement the dojo activities. The goal of the combination spa and dojo is “to bring health and wellness activities to more people in a preferred environment,” Reilly says.

For information on dojo activities, contact Reilly at, or visit for more on the inn.


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