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Purebred Horse Festival Featured Central America’s Finest

The Nicaraguan Association of Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders (ANCPRE), in association with its counterparts in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama, last weekend hosted the first Central American Festival of Spanish Purebred Horses, held in Granada’s Cocibolca Jockey Club.

The event, which featured the top Andalusian horses from the region, brought together hundreds of breeders, handlers and horsing enthusiasts for the four-day event.

“We made an extra effort so that for the first time we could have the opportunity to showcase that which has cost us blood, sweat and tears to conserve and develop,” said Ismael Reyes, president of the ANCPRE.

The Andalusian horse is the historic war horse of the Iberian Peninsula, dating back some 2,000 years, when they were bred for battle in southern Spain during the time of the Roman Empire.

There are currently fewer than 20,000 Spanish purebred horses worldwide.


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