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Costa Rican health officials caution against 4Life

The Health Ministry has issued a warning against 4Life, a drug that purports to “change lives” by boosting the immune system.

According to the ministry, none of the products has been registered with Costa Rica health officials and could pose a health risk.

“The Health Ministry has not evaluated (the product) for safety or effectiveness … and for these reasons the products could be potentially dangerous by masking illnesses and leading the chronically ill to substitute (the product) for treatment indispensable for their health,” read a statement from the Health Ministry.

According to the pharmaceutical company´s Web site, the products are currently being sold in Australia, Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, India and other countries.

“These products are being marketed in (Costa Rica) illegally and do not comply with national laws requiring registration for the importation and selling of products,” read the Health Ministry´s statement.



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