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New Escazú-La Sabana road bypasses highway

Costa Rican transport authorities have opened a new road that directly connects the western San José district of La Sabana to Escazú, southwest of the capital.

Inaugurated Friday, the road enables commuters to drive between La Sabana and Escazú without having to access the Próspero Fernández highway, aiming to reduce congestion on the highway.

The new two-lane road, which is 1.7 kilometers long, required an investment of $10 million in financing from the Public Works and Transport Ministry (MOPT) and other roadway institutions.

The Highway Beautification and Security Association contributed funds to provide 54 lights to illuminate the road. The National Roadway Council also contributed to fund the road´s pedestrian walkway, which is still in construction.

According to MOPT, the road provides a better alternative for San José-Escazú commuters and will also expedite the commute from La Sabana to Hatillos and Alajuela. The new road begins at La Sabana´s Calle Morenos and travels south. The road runs from the bridge above the María Aguilar river in La Sabana and ends in San Felipe, Alajuela.


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