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Guitarists Strum Their Stuff in San José Festival

The first five nights of July are being strung together with a series of guitar performances by musicians spanning the geographic and stylistic spectrum of Latin America, in the second San José Guitar Festival at the VeritasUniversity campus in the southeastern San José district of Zapote.

The eclectic group of featured artists includes a folk guitarist from Argentina, two classical guitarists from Cuba and Brazil, and an array of Ticos.

The diversity of the instrument will be on display throughout the festival, as each player’s fingers bring a unique style to the fret upon which they run. Classical, jazz and electro-fusion guitarists will all be strumming their stuff as the festival plays out.

The shows take an informal, less conventional approach, and feature projections and short, two -mi n u t e films in between songs and sets.

The venue – the Roberto Sasso Auditorium – adds to the relaxed atmosphere, with 262 luxury recliners, a mechanized projection screen and an acoustic design that meshes with the show’s theme.

Concerts start at 7 p.m. each night and run through Sunday; for program information, see the Calendar on Page W6. Admission costs ¢5,000 ($8.70) for adults and ¢4,000 ($7) for students per night. For tickets, call 2234-8373.



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