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Multilingual Bookstore Gets New Digs

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but Felicia Manso is already digging the new digs for Mora Books.

“It’s a fresh start, the change we need,” Manso says of the bookstore’s new location on Calle 5, between Avenidas 5 and 7, 75 meters north of the Aurola Holiday Inn in downtown San José. “We have a lot of room. Everything’s going to be a lot more organized now.”

The bookstore, which used to be housed in the OmniBuilding on Avenida 1, boasts a collection of new and used books in English, Spanish, German, Japanese and French. Many of the books are still in boxes or in piles waiting to go on shelves, which are in ample supply at the new location.

According to Manso, the transition “has been pretty smooth, because there has been a lot of teamwork” with owner Darren Mora and the store’s other employee. The packing, she says, has been the toughest part.

While many of the bookstore’s regulars are still adjusting to the location change, Manso expects the new location to be popular once word spreads.

“Business is going to be booming a month from now,” she says.

The store’s hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For information, call 8383-8385 or visit

–Patrick Fitzgerald



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