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Campbell Gets Web-Savvy

Minutes before Epsy Campbell gave a press conference announcing her run for president, she messaged her Facebook friends about the news.

The next day, Campbell held an online chat to answer questions from some 100 people.

And throughout the week, Campbell has kept some 180 “followers” updated on her mood and activities through Twitter, a social messaging site.

Campbell, an economist-turned-activist from the Citizen Action Party (PAC), is breaking new ground in Costa Rican politics by using the Internet to connect to voters and solicit their ideas.

“It’s very important to us that people are able to connect directly to Epsy,” said Cristian Cambronero, who runs the popular blog and is co-directing Campbell’s Web strategy. “It’s a different way of doing politics.”

Still, responding daily to comments and questions appears to have overwhelmed Campbell, 45, who has two children in their 20s.

“I am astonished by the quantity of messages that I have to respond to on Facebook,” she wrote on Twitter. “I will respond as soon as possible.”



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