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Playa Pochomil: The Softer Side of Managua

Removed from the crowds of San Juan del Sur and the ruckus of large all-inclusive beach resorts such as the Hotel Barceló, Montelimar, Hotel Vistamar Beach Resort and Conference Center, facing the central-Pacific beach of Pochomil, is appealing to tourists who think a weekend getaway to the beach should be quick, easy and fun – with as little planning and hot bumpy driving as possible.

At less than a 90-minute drive from downtown Managua, Hotel Vistamar is doing its part to remind tourists that you don’t have to drive to Rivas or León to find Pacific coastline – Managua has its own white-sand beach, and at a much closer distance to the city.

Located on a secluded and pleasantly flowered property overlooking the crashing surf of the ocean, Vistamar has 17 comfortable and modern cabinas, four pools, a restaurant, spa and conference center. Because of its centric location, Vistamar has become a convenient beach-conference retreat for companies and non-governmental organizations located in the capital.

The hotel is also appealing to families and tourists who like the convenience of all-inclusive, yet without the typical stuffyour-face buffets and slam watered-downrum-drink culture that prevails in most allinclusive places. The food here is off a menu, the atmosphere is family friendly, and the partying is kept to levels of respectability.

According to Alfredo González, marketing director of Vistamar, tourists who visit the hotel are looking for more of a beachfront bungalow experience then that which is offered in more developed beach towns, such as San Juan del Sur.

But secluded doesn’t mean trapped. Topping the list of Vistamar’s new attractions is a four-hour jeep tour along the beach to visit turtle nesting sites between June and October/November. Foreigners especially seem to enjoy the adventurous element of racing down a tropical beach in a jeep, González said.

ATVs are also available for rental on the beach, for daredevils who want to explore on their own.

For more information, visit, or call (505) 265-8099.



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