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Molotov Cocktails Pack Little Punch Against Court

Unknown assailants launched Molotov cocktails at the criminal court and prosecutor’s office in Pavas in western San José, but through multiple strokes of luck the facilities didn’t burn to the ground.

“First, they threw a (Molotov cocktail) into the patio,” states a prosecutor’s office press release. “The fire took to the wall and kitchen but luckily, a nearby sink’s pipes (sprank leaks) and water started to flow abundantly which put a stop to the fire’s spread. There were also four (cocktails) that didn’t explode.”

Prosecutor’s office spokeswoman Marisel Rodríguez said little is known of the incident because only private security officers were there during the 1 a.m. attack.

She said authorities believe the assailants’ intent was to destroy case files.



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