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TT Launches Sudoku Today

Tico Times readers can now enjoy sudoku puzzles.

The puzzle will be located every week on the second to last page, which also features the weather and Michael Curl’s ever-popular crossword puzzle. It can be found in this week’s edition on Page 23.

The scale of difficulty will rotate over a three-week period.

For example, this week it will be an easy puzzle, with instructions for first-timers on how to do sudoku.Next week, the puzzle will be of medium difficulty, and the following week it will be the most difficult.

A solution to each puzzle will be published the following week.

To make room for sudoku, The Tico Times altered the weather report, which is custom-prepared for the newspaper by AccuWeather. The report features a sevenday forecast including temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, as well as an almanac of the previous week, with temperatures and rainfall data, the monthly moon phases and both Pacific and Caribbean tides. For the latest updates on weather, visit



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