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Ortega Offers Asylum To FARC Camp Survivor

President Daniel Ortega this week renewed his offer of political asylum to Mexican student Lucia Morett, who survived the March 1 bombing of a FARC rebel camp by the Colombian military in Ecuador.

Morett was among a group of Mexican university students – the rest of whom were killed in the raid – visiting the rebel camp when the Colombian military bombed, killing 25 people, including the No. 2 commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

Morett, who was injured in the attack, has been recovering for the past six weeks in Ecuador while Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has publicly questioned what she had been doing with the FARC.

Another group in Mexico has reportedly accused Morett of being a terrorist – a claim she denies.

“I am a student, not a terrorist,” the 26-year-old said this week in Managua, during a visit with President Ortega.

Ortega, for his part, said Morett is welcome to stay in Nicaragua as long as she wants to, and promised her “Nicaraguan residency, or even Nicaraguan citizenship.”

Morrett, who is here with her mother, thanked Nicaragua for its solidarity but said she wants to normalize her situation in Mexico and return home.



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