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Montealegre, Argüello Tied In Voter Intention Poll

Former banker and Liberal party political leader Eduardo Montealegre and ex-boxing champ Alexis Argüello are neck-and-neck in the race for mayor of Managua, according to a poll published Monday in the daily La Prensa.

In the first poll taken on voter intentions for the upcoming November mayoral election, each of the leading candidates has 32.1% of the intended votes, according to M&R Consultants.

Montealegre is running as the candidate for the Liberal Constitutional Party, under the alliance PLC- “Vamos con Eduardo,” while Argüello, the former vice mayor of Managua, is running on the ticket of the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

In a distant third came Enrique Sáenz of the Sandinista Renovation Movement (MRS), with 3.4% of the intended vote.

Of those who participated in the poll, 30% would not say whom they planned to vote for.



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