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Deepak Chopra to Visit C.R. for Human Forum

A host of international figures, including renowned Indian-American physician and writer Deepak Chopra, is set to attend the Human Forum 2008 in San José March 11-13. The event aims to promote global peace and sustainability.
The forum will take place at the Real InterContinental hotel in the western suburb of Escazú, and will be hosted by the Alliance for a New Humanity, of which Chopra is president, and the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress. Chopra will officially open the conference together with President Oscar Arias who, as well as establishing the foundation that bears his name, is also one of the original members of the Alliance for a New Humanity. This is the first time the conference has been held outside Puerto Rico.
Lina Barrantes, who represents the alliance in Costa Rica, last week told the press that the conference will “explore how the world is moving away from four prevailing myths that today still define human relationships among people and with nature: money brings happiness, technology yields well-being, weapons provide security, and natural resources are unlimited.”
The conference will take the form of thematic workshops and roundtable discussions on relevant topics.
The aim is to encourage dialogue among all nationalities and across all disciplines and political affiliations.
Those attending will be able to network, exchange ideas and open new channels of communication to further the cause of sustainable global development and the commitment to nonviolence.
In addition to Chopra, many other leading international figures will be attending the conference, including Indian Ashok Khosla, president of the Club of Rome global think tank; Italian journalist and communications expert Roberto Savio; U.S. concert pianist Lorin Hollander; and Spanish judge and academic Baltasar Garzón. Current Nobel Peace Laureate Al Gore has attended a previous forum.
Tickets are limited to 500, of which approximately 300 have already been sold.
For more information and to book a place at the Human Forum 2008, go to the alliance’s Web site at or contact the Arias foundation at 224-1919.

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