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Last Gas Hike of Year Goes into Effect

Fuel prices went up again this week, as a hike approved by the Public Services Regulatory Authority went into effect. The cost of a liter of super and regular gasoline went up 22 colones ($0.044) and 20 colones ($0.04), while diesel went up by 25 colones ($0.05).

That leaves prices of a liter of super, regular and diesel fuel at 574 colones ($1.15), 559 colones ($1.13), and 513 colones ($1.03), respectively.

A statement by the authority said this is the last price hike Costa Rica will see for the rest of the year. Since the beginning of the year, prices have gone up 17.6% and 21.5% for super and regular, and 40.9% for diesel.

Soaring fuel prices have helped push Costa Rican inflation to over 10% for the last 12-month period, one of the highest rates in the region.



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