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Horizontes Urges Providers To Go Carbon Neutral

Emulating the country’s goal of achieving “carbon neutrality,” the tour operator Horizontes this week launched an initiative to encourage its transport providers to make up for the damage caused by carbon dioxide emissions by planting trees that absorb this “greenhouse gas.”

Horizontes General Manager Wilfrid Aiello explained the idea to The Tico Times Wednesday during a seminar the organization gave for its transport providers at a hotel in San José.

“We know that in Costa Rica, 66% of carbon dioxide emitted comes from the transport sector, and we hope that all (transport providers) try to compensate,” he said, explaining that Horizontes is offering these providers two options for achieving carbon neutrality.

Individual providers, such as drivers of vehicles or boats, can purchase a “climate change seal” that pays for enough trees to be planted to combat the global warming effects produced by their vehicle for one year.

For example, a small car emits about five to six metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. For $60, a driver can pay for enough trees to be planted to help curb the harmful effects of this gas, Aiello explained.

These seals are offered through a program run by the Tropical Science Center (TSC) and are also available to the general public. For more information, visit

Larger companies, such as airlines or bus lines, can take advantage of the National Forest Financing Fund’s (FONAFIFO) Payment for Environmental Services program by paying to protect forested land.



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