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Ortega Calls for Unity in Struggle against Capitalism

MANAGUA – President Daniel Ortega marked the 28th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution by calling for unity in the battle with “global capitalism, led by the yanqui government.”

Addressing a record crowd of hundreds of thousands of Sandinistas July 19 in Managua’s Plaza de la Fé, Ortega described the U.S. brand of laissez-faire capitalism as “stained with blood, dishonor and all the cruelties that have been imposed on peoples and nations throughout the world.”

“The capitalists are very united so they can dominate us all the better… they try to set one government against the other and when those governments try to move closer or unite,  their threats and sanctions ensue,”Ortega said.

“All of us who are ready to defy the (U.S.) empire have to unite to save the Latin American and Caribbean people,” Ortega said, promising “new victories” for a “new phase” of the world revolutionary movement.

Joining the Sandinistas for their celebration were Presidents Hugo Chávez of   Venezuela, Martín Torrijos of Panama and Mel Zelaya of Honduras, as well as 100 delegates from parties and social movements from Africa, Europe and the Americas.




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