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Repellent Wins Award, Combats Dengue

An all-natural brand of insect repellent won the “Innovative Product” award at a Costa Rican hotel and restaurant trade show held in Costa Rica earlier this year.

EG Natural Repellent, according to the company, prevents bites without using chemicals like the well-known DEET insect repellent, which has been banned in some U.S. states.

The user simply wears a patch, or bracelet, which is fully sun and water resistant and can last up to 72 hours.

The award, and the repellent, arrive at a critical moment of the year, as dengue fever ramps up with the rainy season along both coasts (TT, July 6).

“This product not only resolves the grave problem of dengue and malaria, it is also important for people whose jobs or activities require water- and sun-resistant repellents – two areas in which our product thrives,” said Katya Berdugo, general manager of Ataria de Bronce, S.A., which distributes the product in Central America.

The product, says the manufacturer, is also fully biodegradeable.



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