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Don’t Let San Juan Turn into Playa Jacó

Dear Tico Times:

Regarding Mr. Glen Campbell’s comments about his resort project in San Juan del Sur, “I don’t see this project ever wanting to change the town. That’s not our goal as developers” (NT, March 30):

Perhaps, Mr. Campbell, you have never visited the village of Jacó, Costa Rica. A visit there should be mandatory before any permits are issued for this “project.” We lived there for 14 years, coming from Canada to enjoy the tranquilo lifestyle.

We owned and operated two very successful businesses in Jacó. Last October, we were forced out because we could no longer afford to live there due to “positive projects for Jacó.”

How many locals will really be able to afford this project? How many will just rush right out and buy the condos? Or will they sacrifice their way of life to the betterment and the pockets of the developers?

We have visited this beautiful little village and would hope that the residents will fight to keep it just that way.

Residents, don’t let our experience happen to you.

Cathy Knorr

Santa Ana, Costa Rica



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