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New U.S. Requirement May Hurt Mexican Tourism

CANCUN – The new requirement by the United States that its citizens who fly to Mexico must have a passport will deliver a harsh blow to this nation’s tourist industry, authorities here say.

They estimate the measure, which takes effect next week, will result in a loss this year of some $2.7 billion that would have been spent by U.S. visitors who would have traveled to Mexico because they don’t have a passport and don’t want to get one.

That figure is based on the estimate that some 330,000 prospective travelers from the United States will forego a trip to Mexico this year.

Until now, U.S. citizens did not need a passport to travel to Mexico, and they still do not if they go by ground transportation or boat.

The new requirement is part of Washington. D.C.’s efforts to heighten security and combat international terrorism.



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