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Deadline Looms for Airport Contract Solution

The international banks that are financing improvements at the country’s main airport, Juan Santamaría International Airport, have until the end of next week to offer up a solution to the airport’s financial woes.

Though the banks have expressed interest in lending an extra $48 million so that private airport administrator Alterra  Partners can finish delayed improvements to the airport west of San José, they have yet to submit a formal proposal, which is due Jan. 19, according to Omar Segura, spokesman for the Public Works and Transport Ministry (MOPT).

Last month, the government began the process to rescind its $120 million contract with Alterra, the latest move in a three-yearold dispute over how to best finance massive construction projects at Juan Santamaría (TT, Dec. 22, 2006).

The International Financial Corporation and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration have told the government they intend to make the deadline. Once received, Civil Aviation would then form a commission to determine whether the contract amendment proposal sufficiently solves the airport’s financial imbalance.




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