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Ready-Made Desserts Ease Kitchen Duty

A number of San José area bakeries and cafés sell pies and other treats appropriate to Thanksgiving, or any day, for that matter: La Cocina de Robin (289-5152, 289-0298) hopes to sell several hundred made-to-order pies this Thanksgiving: two-crust apple, Dutch or French apple, pumpkin, pecan and pumpkin-nut cheesecake. Prices range from ¢4,000 to ¢6,290 (about $8 to $13.50), or ¢16,200 (about $31.50) for a giant cheesecake. Order ahead.

La Cocina de Robin is in the center of Escazú, two-and-a-half blocks east of the cemetery, by Snoopy’s bar.

Azúcar Panadería y Sandwichería (288-2774), in the Plaza del Valle Commercial Center in the western suburb of San Rafael de Escazú, has pies in at least six flavors: pumpkin, apple, pecan, blueberry, cherry and lemon. Prices vary by size and flavor (some pies are baked in individual portions) from ¢800-8,000 (about $1.50-15.50).

Pastelería y Café Eiffel (282-0184) will serve both pumpkin and pecan pies – ¢7,000 and ¢13,000 (about $13.50 and $25), respectively. The French restaurant is in Via Lindora Commercial Center, four blocks north of the AutoMercado in Pozos de Santa Ana, southwest of San José.

Mara’s Pastelería & Cocina (221-5930) has pumpkin pies for ¢8,500 (about $16.50) and apple-raisin pies and tortas de nuez for ¢7,500 (about $14.50). A slice of these delicacies goes for ¢800 (about $1.50). Mara’s is just west of the court buildings on Calle 15 in downtown San José.

Spoon, a chain of restaurants and dessert parlors, has plenty of sweets that’ll go well for a Thanksgiving dessert, including pecan, apple and lemon pies; prices are about ¢6,000 a pie or ¢1,200 a slice (about $11.50 and $2.25). Spoon has 15 locations around the greater San José area.



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