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What’s the Status of The Pacific Highway?

I wish to obtain information regarding the status of the highway to the central Pacific beach town of Jacó from San José. I hear mixed reports about estimated completion dates. I am considering investing in real estate in Jacó, but the highway is a key determinant in my decision.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Alice Ziegler

Phoenix, Arizona, USA


We’ve been reporting on the project for years, rarely with much new to say. (This year marks its 33rd year on the drawing board.) A modern 77-kilometer highway would connect the capital with the Pacific port of Caldera and would cut driving time to Jacó and nearby beach communities to just under an hour. So little has transpired that for the most recent story we published in February, we were able to use the same photos we took for a previous article two years ago.

A flurry of activity did occur in 2004 with the building of five bridges to be incorporated into the route, but the firm awarded the contract for construction and operation pulled out of the project shortly after.

Another firm, Autopistas del Sol, S.A., has now been awarded the contract, according to Guillermo Ramírez, engineer for the National Concessions Council.

Ramírez told The Tico Times that the project began its orden de inicio (start order) phase May 11, and it is expected to last a maximum of nine months. (He hopes it can be completed in six.) During this time, Autopistas del Sol must submit final engineering designs and financing plans; the council will obtain the right of way and arrange for insurance. Upon completion of this phase, construction may begin, putting the project’s start anywhere from November of this year to February 2007.

But we’ve heard such things before.

We can only incorporate that most Tico of expressions into our answer: Someday, si Dios lo quiere (God willing), the highway may be completed.


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