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Contract for Improvements To Port Caldera Delayed

IMPROVEMENTS to the central Pacific port of Caldera will be further delayed as the Comptroller General’s Office takes more time to decide whether to approve a contract between the Pacific Port Authority (INCOP) and the Colombian-Costa Rican company Sociedad Portuaria de Caldera for improvements to Caldera’s dock, reported the daily La Nación.


INCOP has been in the process of contracting Sociedad Portuaria de Caldera to improve loading and unloading capacities at the dock for about five years, according to the daily.


This project, along with plans to build a new grain terminal and contract a tow boat service, are among plans to expand and expedite service at the port, where shipping companies, ground transporters and distributors notoriously suffer lengthy delays (TT, Sept. 23, 2005).


The Comptroller General’s Office has until Feb. 15 to review an addendum to the original contract for improvements that addresses unresolved financial concerns of Sociedad Portuaria.



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