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Indigenous Masks On Display in Escazú

EXHIBITS and presentations relatedto the “Danza de los Diablitos” (“LittleDevils’ Dance”), a masked ceremonyenacted annually in the villages of Borucaand Rey Curré in south-central CostaRica by the Brunka – one of Costa Rica’sindigenous groups – will be on hand Dec.5 and 6 at 6:30 at Big Mike’s Place in thewestern San José suburb of Escazú.Aisling and Conall French of GaleríaNamu will explain the ceremony andexhibit carved Brunka masks used in pastceremonies. The evening will also featurevideo footage of the dance, a presentationabout Brunka culture and additionalBrunka art. Masks will also be availablefor purchase.The “Danza de los Diablitos,” a ceremonyof post-colonial origins that representsthe struggle between indigenouspeople and the Spanish, takes place Dec.30-Jan. 2 in Boruca and during the firstweek of February in Rey Curré, accordingto a statement from Galería Namu.During the dance, a bull represents theSpaniards and engages in a series ofchoreographed battles with the indigenouspeople, represented by a group of masked“little devils,” the statement said.The Brunka tribe is one of CostaRica’s eight indigenous groups.For more information, call Big Mike’sPlace (289-6087), located near theUrbanización los Anonos in Escazú, orGalería Namu at 256-3412.


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